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A popular resort city in San Diego, Coronado is an island connected to mainland San Diego via the iconic Coronado Bridge. Constructed in 1969, the 2.1 mile long Coronado Bridge is one of many landmarks the city is famous for. Coronado in Spanish means "the crowned one", giving rise to the city's nickname 'Crown City'.

As with many beachfront communities in Southern California, tourism plays a huge role in Coronado's economy. The city is currently home to three large resorts and several smaller boutique hotels and inns. Orange Avenue is Coronado's main shopping thoroughfare with over a hundred shops, restaurants and theaters catering to residents and tourists.

Coronado hosts several popular festivals each year, the biggest being the annual Coronado Independence Day parade - an all-day event celebrated on the 4th of July which kicks off with a marathon and rough-water swim followed by a two-hour long parade and concert, and ends with a spectacular fireworks display over the sea. Other popular annual events include the Coronado Flower Show, the Coronado Island Sports Fiesta and the Superfrog Triathlon.

Coronado's beaches regularly make it to the top ten lists in travel channels and publications. It's hard to imagine that these idyllic white-sand beaches glistening in the sun are a mere 15 minute drive from downtown San Diego.

Coronado is the site of Naval Base Coronado, the largest such facility in the southwest United States. Naval Base Coronado has over 36,000 civilian and military staff, making it the largest employer in San Diego County. A large portion of residents in Coronado are retired navy personnel.

Coronado real estate prices tend to be on the high side, which is nothing out of the ordinary for affluent beachfront communities in Southern California. This is a very desirable part of the country to live in, and property prices tend to reflect that. The average listing price for a single family home in Coronado was $2.6 million as of August 2014 and the median sales price for a home during the same period was $1.14 million. Prices may change with the market, but buyers must bear in mind that Coronado real estate will always fetch top dollar.

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