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Developed on San Diego's Pacific Ocean coast, the neighborhood of Pacific Beach is bordered by La Jolla to the north, Mission Beach to the south and Interstate 5 to the east. This vibrant beachfront community covers 4.397 square miles and is home to 41,300 residents. Pacific Beach is widely referred to as “P.B.” by those who know it and love it.

Pacific Beach has always attracted young families, college students and single professionals, all drawn there for the affordable housing, great nightlife and proximity to the beach. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) the demographics of Pacific Beach has been undergoing a major shift in recent years. Increasing rents and property costs are driving away young people and bringing in an older, more affluent crowd.

The beach in Pacific Beach stretches 3 miles along its shore, from the cliffs of La Jolla in the north down to the Mission Bay jetty at the south. A boardwalk accompanies almost the entire length of the beach, running approximately 3.2 miles along the shore. A large number of shops, bars and restaurants provide endless diversions and entertainment to the many cyclists, dog walkers, pedestrians, roller-bladers and joggers on the boardwalk.

Because of the relatively younger population P.B.’s nightlife is second to none in San Diego. Garnet Avenue is the epicenter of Pacific Beach nightlife, as evident from the bars, restaurants, pubs and coffee houses clustered there. Elsewhere in Pacific Beach you will find the usual Southern Californian mix of elegant fine dining establishments and sleek upscale hotels rubbing elbows with nightclubs, taco joints and scruffy beach bars.

Compared to its neighbors of La Jolla to the north and Mission Beach in the south, Pacific Beach real estate is still relatively affordable as far as coastal San Diego house prices go. For the period ending in August 2014 the average listing price for Pacific Beach was around $817,000 and the median sales price stood at $655,000. Bear in mind that there are more renters than homeowners in Pacific Beach and many of the condominiums and family homes near the beach are bought as investment property for vacation rentals.

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