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Located a 15 minute drive from downtown San Diego is the seaside community of Point Loma. It is a peninsula surrounded on two sides by the Pacific Ocean and on the north by the community of Ocean Beach.

Residential neighborhoods in Point Loma are mostly made up of single family homes. Its commercial center is Point Loma Village, where many of the retail establishments are geared towards yachting and sport fishing supplies. Most Point Loma homes feature gorgeous ocean, bay or stunning canyon views. In addition to single family homes there is a great selection of condos and apartments to available in Point Loma.

Point Loma is a historically significant site as it is the landing place of the first European expedition to California. The peninsula has been called the place "where California began". Point Loma today is home to two major military bases, a national cemetery, a national monument, and a university, and residential and commercial areas.

Point Loma is home to the famous Point Loma Seafood Market – a haven for fresh seafood caught straight from the ocean. Point Loma Lighthouse is a local landmark located in Cabrillo National Park.

A close-knit community, the residents of Point Loma take pride in the area’s history and hold several cultural events such as the Day at the Docks Festival, the Cabrillo Festival and Festa de Espirito Santo. Popular year-round activities in Point Loma include whale watching and visiting the Cabrillo national monument.

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